Removable Stick-On Oil-Proof Wallpaper


Say goodbye to your paint and brushes. With this Removable Stick-On Oil-Proof Wallpaper, your wall can be fully furnished in just a matter of minutes. They go perfect with all your walls, kitchen tiles, tables, sink and doors.

With this water-proof, scratch-proof, extremely adhesive, removable wallpaper, there will be no more stains or moulds on your walls! Even when your remove it, it won’t leave a mark. Cleaning has never been easier!



– Bottom glue layer

– Water-proof


– Scratch-proof

– Durable design

– Streak-free remove

Silky surface

– Beautiful marble pattern


Made with: PVC, Water-proof materials

Product Size: 60cm X 100cm

Pattern: 20


Product Includes

1pc X Removable Stick-On Oil-Proof Wallpaper



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