Reusable Perfect Toaster Bag (5-pc Set)

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Reheat, defrost any food, & make perfectly toasted grilled cheese all in this bag – Reusable Perfect Toaster Bag.

It makes Reusable Perfect Toaster Bag kitchen chores disappear with no fall-outs in your toaster or oven.

No more bread crumbs & greasy residue!

Comes in set of five, each reusable up to 100 times

Make toasted sandwiches quickly or heat up leftover pizza, chicken nuggets, and more without anything falling down into your toaster!

Food & Fire Safe:

  • Toaster
  • Toaster Oven
  • Microwave
  • Grill
  • Oven

Reheat & Defrost any food with NO MESS!


  • Strong, nonstick & reusable, keeps your toaster clean
  • Perfectly toasted sandwiches with No Mess
  • Ideal for food allergies & gluten free diets with no cross contamination
  • Reheats snacks, pizzas, nuggets, vegetables and more in minutes
  • Used up to 100 times
  • Easy to clean & use with a loop handle
  • Retains all the flavors and vitamins


  • Material : Teflon coated glass fiber cloth
  • Size : 16 x 16.5 cm


  • Wash gently with soapy water, rinse and let the bags dry for reuse


  • 5pcs x Reusable Toaster Bags
240x173 (0x0)
1.33 MB

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