Sag-Reducing Breast Lift Wrinkless Cream

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No more saggy & deflated breasts covered by granny lines & dragged skin.

Sag-Reducing Breast Lift Wrinkless Cream
 powerfully acts against sagginess & wrinkles formed by gravity, plumping up the skin along bust & décolleté area with a permanent elevated effect.

The concentrated & prescription-strength herbal based formula is enriched with highly potent anti-ageing actives, infusing the overstretched breast lipid tissues with skin-plumping nutrition & hydration.

Delivering a lipo-filling action to increase the thickness of the skin’s adipose layer, it helps to boost volume for rounder and fuller contours.

Drastic Improvements with:

  • Deep wrinkles along the cleavage panel
  • Stretched, flat-on-top droopy Breasts
  • Actinic sun damage on décolletage
  • Stubborn sagging chest skin


  • Intensive formula to lift breasts for a permanent elevated effect
  • Eliminate chest wrinkles caused by sun damage, aging, sleeping on your side
  • Tightens & plumps loose, crepey skin after breastfeeding
  • Highly potent botanic formula to improve skin elasticity against stretch marks
  • Boosts blood circulation for increased fullness & plumpness
  • Sensitive skin safe, hypoallergenic for all skin types


  • Net Weight: 30g


  1. Gently massage into the breasts in circles, working from the base up, avoiding the nipples.
  2. Use twice daily for 2 weeks.
  3. Then, apply once a day, in the morning or in the evening, as you wish to maintain the fullness & perkiness. 


  • 1PC X Intense Breast Lift Wrinkless Cream


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