Sealed Dustproof Storage Tank


Sealed Dustproof Storage Tank, New concept storage tank, moistureproof, waterproof and dustproof, home storage new concept. Rotating seal cover design, easy to use and better sealing, transparent tank body with scale, whole grain can be installed, Nordic color, warm and durable, can be placed superimposed, more saving storage space.

  • Superposition storage more save space: Beautiful and practical, can use superposition to put more save space.
  • Solve the storage problem: three different sizes of capacity, more clear division of labor, a set of solutions.
  • Bottom heightening design: Thick with the material, the bottom heightening is placed firmly without sliding.
  • Wheat straw jar cover: food grade wheat straw jar cover material as if the smell of wheat.
  • Transparent bottle body: Clear at a glance, easy to see the items needed in the bottle.
  • Lock lock: Superposition to save space, lock lock lock upside down will not fall.
  • Large caliber, easy to take: Large caliber, easy to clean and remove items.
Sealed Dustproof Storage Tank
Three sizes can store different grain sizes of food
Easy to clean, buckle type fixed, leakproof design
New concept storage tank
Damp proof, waterproof and dustproof

Various combinations:

  • TYPE A: Pink(S+M+L).
  • TYPE B: Beige(S+M+L).
  • TYPE C: Green(S+M+L).
  • TYPE S: S(Pink+Beige+Green).
  • TYPE M: M(Pink+Beige+Green).
  • TYPE L: L(Pink+Beige+Green).


  • Size: S -9.5x10cm, M -18.5x10cm, L -26.5x10cm.
  • Weight(1 Pcs): S -75g, M -105g, L -135g.
  • Material: Cover -PP, Bottle Body -PET.
  • Color: Pink / Beige/ Green.
  • Type: S/ M /L.

Package Include:

  • 1 Set x Sealed Dustproof Storage Tank(The empty jar).


  • The sealed, dust-proof tanks sold are empty jars filled with food for photo purposes only.
  • Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures. 


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