Simple Adjustable Screen Shelf

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Difficult to find your things?  Your Messy Desk can be Changed to Tidy and Clean by Increased Extra Space on the Top of your Screen


With simple design, Simple Adjustable Screen Shelf holds your items Securely and Easily.



Create Extra Space on your Screen – You are Easy to Display Potted Plant, Stationery, Snack, Decoration, Health Care Products

Easy to UseNo Installation, You only need to do is Adjust Brackets and Tighten it on your screen

DurableABS Environmental Friendly Material Prevents the Wear Damage of Electronics Products; High Temperature Resistance; Does Not Deform; Strong and Sturdy

Heavy Load – Can Hold 10 lbs Safely

Securely Hold on the top of your Screen – Having Knobs to hold the degree of the legs

SteadyNonslip Mesh Rubber Pad prevents your items from Slipping Off the Adjustable Screen Shelf while Providing Ventilation

Perfect for All Types of screen – No limit on using this Simple Adjustable Screen Shelf since its adjustable bracket

Foldable – Can be folded when it is not being used; Does not Wasting your Space



(1) Set the Simple Adjustable Screen Shelf on the top edge of your flat (TV/Monitor) screen

(2) Adjust the brackets to position the shelf horizontally

(3) Tighten both knobs to secure


Color Green / White / Black



1 X Simple Adjustable Screen Shelf


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