Sparkly Hair Glitter


Have a shiny & sparkling hair instantly. Easily stand out in the crowd and be mesmerized with the all-new Sparkly Hair Glitter.This Hair glitter brings a multi-dimensional brilliance that makes your hair shine with or without the light. Very easy to apply and remove no hassle at all!Perfect for cosplays, parties, particular events, fashion trends and many more! Surprise your peers with very exquisite styles and hair patterns and look awesome all day long!


Sparkling and Moisturize
It’s healthy and soothing for your scalp & hair,  getting all the benefits of Aloe & nourishing essential oils. Adding shiny & sparkling hair.
Easy Application
It provides you with a hassle-free application! No primers or adhesives were necessary. Simply apply our glitter gel to your hair and done. 
Whether you’re spending your day at a festival or just wearing our glitter gel to dinner, our gel won’t budge. We guarantee you’ll shimmer all day long.
Cosmetic Grade
Sparkly Hair Glitter is made with cosmetic-grade glitter, so it’s safe for your scalp, skin & hair.


  • Net Weight: 10 g
  • Colors: As shown


  • Sparkly Hair Glitter


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