Super Fat Killer : Slimming Massager Belt

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With our Super Fat Killer, you can reduce bloating & burn fat in short period of time!

It allows you to loss weight without an extreme diet & exercise. Replaces monotonous exercise, only 10 mins you can exercise your abdominal muscles approximately 700-1300 times.

This is a healthy & natural way to lose weight & burn fat using the power of x10 vibrationThe high frequency of even vibration can enhance the metabolism & improves blood circulation to burn fat rapidly & build up wonderful body figure.


  • X10 times vibration massage – Reduce bloating, burn fat build up a wonderful body shape without exercise in short period of time
  • 7 customized modesFrom weak to strong (exercise muscles approx 700-1300 times), 7 vibration intensity can be selected to keep you fit and slim in different needs  
  • Comfortable to wear  Designed according to human engineering, to make sure that the greatest degree of comfort.
  • Adjustable belt length – The belt length can be adjusted with nylon loops to fit most people 
  • Wide applications – Perfect for waist, tummy, hip, hands, legs & more



  • Material : ABS.
  • Color : Green & Pink
  • Power Supply : USB power supply


  • Electric Fitness Vibrating Massager x 1pc
  • USB Cable x 1pc


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