Super Soft Wireless Daily Bra

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NO MORE common breast problems from now on – enjoy ultra softness and comfort with this Super Soft Wireless Daily Bra.

Made with high quality and durable fabric, the bra is breathable and anti-allergy with an anti-pilling treatment, you don’t have to suffer from sweaty, sticky or even scratchy feelings anymore. It’s wireless, thin-padded and soft, which will provide you with an unexpectedly comfy experience.

Apart from daily usage, the design is also applicable for pregnancy and nursing purposes. Front button closure has made it much easier for moms to wear the bra, while the extra top buckle allows moms to feed the baby in a faster and less embarrassing way. The ergonomic anti-sagging design which includes memory foam in the both sides of the bra can naturally lift up the breasts and prevent from having accessory breasts.



  • Applicable to daily, pregnancy and nursing occasions
  • Anti-sagging design with memory foam which helps lift up the breasts and prevent accessory breasts
  • Soft and thin-padded with no strings attached
  • Anti-allergy, breathable and anti-pilling fabric
  • Front button closure for easy on/off
  • The extra top buckle allows easy and convenient breast-feeding
  • No more sweating, sagging, allergy and breasts pain etc.



Colors: Pure Pink, Pure Mint, Pure Peach, Grape and Marshmallow

Size: M(34) / L(36) / XL(38) / XXL(40)



Super Soft Wireless Daily Bra x 1Pack (3pcs)


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