Swell Clear 24K Gold Ginseng Soap


Hope to remove swelling naturally? With the miracle of Gold, it happens!

Swell Clear 24K Gold Ginseng Soap has the natural power to reduce painful swelling, draining excess water & toxins from body to maintain optimum inner balance.

Acting as a detoxifying agent & powerful circulation enhancer, Gintonin in ginseng cleanses your body from unwanted water retention with improved blood circulation.

Enriched with 24k gold, known for its ability to heal micro-damage, it clears acne scarred skin & inflammation with its antioxidants.


  • Repels excess water & toxins causing pain & swelling

  • Pure 24k gold particles for skin rejuvenation
  • Soothes swollen, inflamed skin & redness with Gintonin
  • Facilitates blood circulation for lymphatic drainage
  • Removes acne scarred skin & dark spots
  • Hydrates skin to prevent excess sebum production & clogged pores
  • Anti-fungal & anti-bacterial properties to deodorize


  • Net Weight: 95g
  • Main Ingredients: Ginseng Extracts, 24k Gold Particles, Purified Water
  • Lather in hands or on a washcloth and wash entire body/face. Gently massage for 3-4 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.


  •  1PC X Swell Clear 24K Gold Ginseng Soap


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