Terminal Wires Removal Tool Kit

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A complete set of wire removers to help you effortlessly remove wires from the electrical connector. A perfect tool that will help you improve your efficiency and ensure your safety. Composed of 18 removers suitable for different terminals.

It is easy to use, you can remove terminal wires in just a blink of an eye, helping you save your time and energy. It can effectively remove the wires without damaging them and the electric connector. Use it through a push and pull process.


  • Effortlessly removes terminal wire

You can remove the terminal wires without exerting too much effort unlike the traditional way. 

  • Eighteen varieties of removers

It is composed of 18 removers giving you convenience and making sure you can find one suitable for your needs.

  • Handy

Designed to be handy and helpful with ring holder, making it portable and easy to keep. You can keep it in you bag, purse, or pocket without losing them.

  • Easy to use

Use it via push and pull process. No further actions are required, very convenient.

  • Safe to use

Each remover is wrapped with safety protection plastic as an insulator, disconnecting all electricity for you, ensuring your safety.

  • Durable and flexible

Made from highly blendable and strong steel, designed to be used for a long time without wearing off.


Sizes: from 0.8mm to 8mm


18 pieces of Terminal Removers


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