Thermal Slimming Menstruation Relief Belt

$49.99 $18.97

Combat central obesity & stop the unbearable stomach & back pain during your periods!

Thermal Slimming Menstruation Relief Belt targets “apple shaped” midsection fat accumulation & eliminates menstrual cramps with far infrared rays & thermal healing.

Thermal therapy with FIRs relaxes muscles of the uterus, increasing blood flow to ease menstrual pain.

  • Depresses subcutaneous fat and inner organ fat formation
  • Stimulates blood circulation & lipid metabolism for breaking down storage of fats
  • Instant menstrual cramp relief with constant healing warmth at 45°C
  • Eases lower back pain & muscle fatigue with Graphene

  • Reduces reliance on analgesic medication
  • Adjustable belt with bucket for universal fit
  • Waterproof & washable


  • Safe USB charging
  • Temperature: 45°C – 50°C


  • 1PC X Thermal Slimming Menstruation Relief Belt


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