Thermal Underwear Vest

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It is 85% warmer than usual thermal wear, perfect inner protection. Ideal to be worn under shirts, comfortable and soft materials enables it to be and feel invisible.

Made from spandex material known for its exceptional elasticity; highly durable and doesn’t fade or pill easily. Instant warmth protection upon application.


  • Warm Protection

85% warmer than usual, a perfect product for cold weather, warms up the body within a few seconds upon wearing.

  • Instant Heat

You can feel the warmth as soon as you put it on, instant warmth protection upon application.

  • Light & Seamless

Ultra-lightweight and not seamless, no extra weight or bumps on your body. Ideal as inner wear and layer clothes on top.

  • Spandex

Made from Spandex material which is known for its exceptional elasticity, meaning it fits well on your body allowing you to make large, extra movements without limits.

  • No Pilling and Fading

Made with top quality fabric treatment making it durable and pill-resistant. Color doesn’t fade easily, can stand the test of time.


Size: M, L, xL, xxL, 3xL, 4xL

Color: Black, Blue, Grey,  Red, White

Package Includes

1x Thermal Underwear Vest


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