Thermal Velvet Vest

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Extra inner protection during cold weather; a thick layer of thermal velvet that will keep you comfortable and warm. Lightweight, ultra-soft with push up breast pad, great for under outfits.

Stretchable, elastic, and fits perfectly well. Anti-slip bottom ensures a seamless and comfort look and wear.


  • Thermal Protection

Thermal Velvet on the inside helps keep overall body warm and enhance heat retention from clothes on top.

  • Breast Pad

With internal but removable breast pad, you can choose to go bra-free and still enjoy the push up effect from the elastic and lifting materials.

  • Thick and Soft

Made from velvet which is thick yet soft to perfectly cover and protect your skin comfortably without any irritation or limitation for movements

  • Elastic & Seamless

Perfectly fits well on the body, elastic, stretchable anti-slip bottom ensures a seamless and comfort look and wear.

  • Inner Wear / On its Own

Beautifully presentable to be worn on its own. Will not add excessive weight on body, perfect to be layered on as inner wear.


Color: Black, Pink, Nude
Sizes: xL, xxL, xxxL
Style: Single Line,  Sexy Wave

Material: Velvet

Package Includes

1x Thermal Velvet Vest



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