Travel Scarf With Hidden Pocket

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Protect yourself and your belongings while travelling, use this Travel Scarf With Hidden Pocket! Made from thick and luxurious cashmilon, providing protection during cold, windy weather. Uniquely designed with a zipped pocket; secure yourself, secure your belongings!

Suitable for storing light stuff. Available in different designs to match your favorite outfits. Materials used are non-irritating, gentle and soft on the skin. Adds up beauty to your looks while protecting you and your belongings from the harmful atmosphere and potential thief


  • Protects

This scarf will protect your head and neck from harmful dust, cold, and wind that might irritate your skin.

  • Secures Your Belongings

Uniquely designed with a zipped pocket, protecting your belongings from the harmful atmosphere and potential thief. 

  • Go Hands Free

Same size as a small bag, you can now go around without any burden on your hands!

  • Cashmilon

Made from luxurious cashmilon which is known for its durability, lightness, and softness.

  • Beautifully Designed

It comes in different beautiful designs to match your taste. Perfect for different casual outfits, simple yet fashionable.


Size: 25*170 cm

Colors: Rainbow, Red/Green, Green/Blue, Blue, Black/White, Pink/Blue, Cream, Light Brown, BloodOrange/Blue, Red/White/Blue, Green/Orange

Material: Cashmilon

Package Includes

1x Travel Scarf With Hidden Pocket


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