U Shape Automatic Toothbrush

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Can you imagine your mundane teeth brushing routine can be way FASTER, CLEARER, and more FUN? The revolutionary U Shape Automatic Sonic Toothbrush cleans with ultrasonic at 10 SECONDS! Simply bite down, press a single button, have fun for 10 seconds, and have perfectly clean teeth!

FAST can also be THOROUGH! No more manual brushing leaving behind germs and bacteria that can cause bad breath, tooth decay and gingivitis. Perfect for kids or just EVERYONE who doesn’t bother to stand still for minutes when you can get it done in SECONDS!


  • Unique 370° U-shaped perfect fit design
  • Medical-grade & antibacterial silicone brush head
  • Auto foaming to kill 99% of bacteria
  • 3D ultrasonic cleaning with 15000/min vibrations
  • Waterproof & wireless rechargeable



  1. FILL: Fill the brush head with your toothpaste
  2. PRESS: Put the brush head into their mouth and hit the power button
  3. CLEAN: Automatically clean & turn off in TEN seconds!
  4. RINSE: Thoroughly rinse the brush head after use


  • 1pc X U Shape Automatic Toothbrush

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