Versatile Tire / Rubber Repair Glue

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Perfect for repairing any kind of tire holes and damages. Suitable for all kinds of rubber; it works like magic! It provides instant covering and protection to car tires, making it more durable and ready for new adventures.


It is waterproof and thick, protecting your car from future punctures. Made from safe materials, harmless to your health and environment.  You can use this for any car tire damages such as scratches, holes, and more.



  1. Clean the damaged area
  2. Squeeze the glue on the damaged area of the tire
  3. Use a spatula to even out surface
  4. 10 minutes to preliminarily harden
  5. 24 hours to completely harden


  • Seals and Covers Tire Holes

Effectively seals tire punctures, repairing it and bringing it back stronger than before.

  • Repairs Most Damages

Can be used for tire holes, scratches, and other tire rubber damages.

  • Protects Car from Future Damages

Aside from sealing up the holes, it also provides instant protection by adding an additional strong layer on the tire.

  • Vastly Applicable

Not limited to car tires, this glue can fix almost all rubber damages, including your shoe bottom, and exercise balls.

  • Waterproof

The glue is waterproof, will stay on the tire even  under extreme weather conditions.

  • Environmentally Safe

Made from nature-friendly materials, safe to use for you as well as for nature.


Use: Car Tire / Rubber items

Weight: 30mL

Package Includes

1 Bottle Versatile Tire / Rubber Repair Glue


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