Water Spot Remover

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As are most significant things that flow, water due to dissolved mineral solvent leave signatures along its part often as blurry streak, sprinkled spots and windy lines. The new Water Spot Remover is formulated to remove all water spots in one application.

Combining the most active watermark remover concentrates, the Water Spot Remover eliminates streak, spot and lines on tiles, plastic and glass by dissolving the mineral solvent that form them in one wash. Specially formulated for windscreen, everything glass on your car can come anew again just by applying the powerful Water Spot Remover for instant effect.

  • Eliminates Water Spots on Glass, Plastic and Tiles
  • Super-Fast Removal Action
  • Adds Immediate Touch of Newness to Glass, Plastic and Tiles
  • Removes Acid Rain, Traffic Films and Tree Sap
  • No Intense Rubbing, Just Apply and Rinse
  • Removes Water Marks in Just 20 Seconds 


    • Ingredients: Concentrates
    • Weight: 75g
    • Size: 150ml


    • 1 x Water Spot Remover


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