Waterproof Permanent Tire Marker Pen

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If you want to show your Car Uniqueness, Waterproof Permanent Tire Marker Pen must be your must have item! With this amazing pen, you can paint your tire easily and perfectly without  decolorisation!


Waterproof Permanent Tire Marker Pen provides you a non-toxic and odorless painting experience, you can show off your style without any embarrassment!



  • EXCELLENT QUALITY INK – Filled with excellent quality ink, it penetrates quickly, waterproof and long lasting.

  • EXCELLENT MATERIAL – Able to press it up to 10000 times, and there is no ink leakage and it provides smooth writing.

  • NON-TOXIC AND ODORLESS   Mark your tiers raised letters and mark your racing tires for identification without toxic and odor

  • MULTI-PURPOSE   Can be written on many surfaces, such as metal, glass, wood, rubber. It is usually used as a car tire paint pen.





Orange / Red / White / Blue / Khaki / Black /

Green / Brown / Pink / Silver / Yellow / Purple


1 X Waterproof Permanent Tire Marker Pen


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