Waterproof Pet Litter Mat


Perfect for pet owners. Designed to keep the area surrounding the litter box clean and free from any mess. It has a waterproof bottom to prevent water and urine from leaking to the ground. Collected litter can be reused by pouring back into the litter box.


It has a honeycomb structure, made to easily absorb sands from the litter box. Made from double-layer ecological high elasticity foam, very durable and safe.



  • Keeps your house clean

Keeps your house clean from litter and even urine with its honeycomb mat and a waterproof base.

  • Collects Litter

It collects and stores litters from your pets’ paws and they can be reused by pouring them back into the box.

  • Waterproof

Under the honeycomb mat, there is a waterproof base pad for absorbing all kinds of liquids, including urine.

  • Has a honeycomb structure

It has a sharp design with a honeycomb structure that effectively absorbs the sand and litter.

  • Made from soft silicone materials

Made from soft silicone materials making the honeycomb mat gentle on the paws.

  • Durable

Made from high-quality materials; a double-layer ecological high elasticity foam making the product durable and suitable for long-term use. A really thick and double-layered mat providing quality on every side.

  • Washable

It is washable with soap and water, reusable for a long time.


Color: Black, Gray, Brown, Blue, Pink

Sizes: (S) 30×30 cm, (M) 40×50 cm


1 pc Waterproof Pet Litter Mat



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