Widely Used Anti-Radiation Sticker

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Many Society Reports state that lots of children and adults are suffered from Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity because of using high radiation electronic devices for a long time. Widely Used Anti-Radiation Sticker features anti-radiation technology, provides All-Round Protection!

Widely Used Anti-Radiation Sticker absorbs up to 99% radiation and decrease the opportunity of getting serious illness caused by radiation, such as tutor initiation and fertility decline.


ANTI-RADIATIONAbsorbs Positive Ion and Radiation; Avoids Radiation Damage Your Body

DECREASE ELECTROMAGNETIC HYPERSENSITIVITY – Decrease headache, fatigue, stress, sleep disturbances, skin prickling, burning sensations and rashes, pain and ache in muscles from radiation

PREVENT SERIOUS HEALTH PROBLEMSTumor initiation and Fertility Decline can be prevented

WIDELY USED – Effective to High Radiation Electronic Devices, such as phone, computer, tablet, etc.

EASY TO USE – Provides All-Round Protection by Sticking it on the High Radiation Electronic Devices


1 X Widely Used Anti-Radiation Sticker


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