Winter Warm Christmas Leggings


Feel the warmth and festivity this holiday season by wearing this Winter Warm Christmas Leggings!

Made from super soft stretchable cotton material that will definitely give you extreme warmth and comfort this winter season, this leggings will also add some holiday cheer to your wardrobe with a dash of colorful reindeer and snowflakes.  


With its elastic mid waistband and optimum compression this controls your tummy, lifts your butt and a slender thighs for a slimmer look. It effortlessly blends with most of your stylish tops and will also be perfect when you pair it with some stylish boots and a chunky knit scarf!

Have a warm and fashionable look while keeping the spirit of holiday season with this Winter Warm Christmas Leggings!


  • CHRISTMAS DESIGN PATTERN. Creatively and uniquely designed with Christmas layering patterns such as Reindeer, Snowflake and more that will definitely eye catching and you will probably feel the warmth of Christmas!

  • WARM AND COMFORTABLE. Made from ultra-soft, stretchy, breathable cotton fabric, this Christmas leggings will definitely keep you cozy and toasty this chilly season!


  • MOVE WITHOUT RESTRICTION. With its elastic waistband and stretchable fabric this will allow you to move without restrictions!
  • SLIMMER APPEARANCE. Not just style but this also gives you a tummy control, butt lift and slimmer thighs because of its elastic mid waistband and elastic fabric!


  • PERFECT MATCH TO ANY OUTFITS. Great paired under dresses, tops or tunics while wearing your stylish boots and a chunky knit scarf.
  • YOUR EVERYDAY LEGGINGS. Where it when you go to work, shopping, partying or just casually relaxing at home.

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Package Included:

Winter Warm Christmas Leggings x 1



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