Wire Compact Connector (20 pcs)

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Connecting wires become Easier & Faster

The specially designed rest position of the lever reliably prevents accidental unclamping of a connected conductor. Application safety, for any type of conductor (solid, stranded, fine-stranded).

There are quick splice solder-less Terminals,Instead of traditional electrical tape and electrical butt connectors twist-type, technological innovation reduce wiring time by 70%Just flip the little lever up, pull out what you need and replace.

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  • Safety – Electing the best flame retardant insulating material, which is long life, no corrosion, anti-aging, pressure 4KV and against electrical shock.
  • Widely use – It is widely used in building wiring where space is at a premium for all connections requiring.Can be ideal used in home and automobile applications.
  • Easy to use – Quick splice. If you need to change other wires, just flip the little lever up and pull out what you need and replace.
  • Practical – The voltage range of the connector is from Solid size 0.08-2.5mm2/28-14AWG, Which is very practical.


  • Model type: PCT-213
  • Size: 0.08-4.0mm2
  • Voltage: 250V
  • Current: 32A


Package Details:

  • Wire Compact Connector x10 pcs


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