Wood Finish Magic Repair Pen

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, indentations, gouges, and stains just don’t look good on your wood furniture. Wood Finish Magic Repair Pen flawlessly touches up and conceals surface defects on
furniture, cabinets, moldings, doors, floors, paneling, and any finished wood surfaces in your home.

The professional formula fills in scratches, scuffs and damage to give any imperfections a new look. Works great on hardwood, laminate floors and furniture.


  • Quick, permanent touch up and repair in seconds
  • 3 color pack for perfect color match
  • No-drip design for no mess application
  • Dry in seconds
  • Long-lasting fix
  • Non-toxic / stinging smell


  • Color:
    Light Shade Pack: OAK / MAPLE / CHERRY
    Dark Shade Pack:
  • Size: 13.5cm


  1. Choose the color that closely matches the surface to be repaired
  2. Apply to the scratched area
  3. Remove any excess pigment with a dry cloth or paper towel
  4. Let the area dry in seconds
  5. Easy flawless result!

Package Includes:

  • 3pcs X Wood Finish Magic Repair Pen


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