Writing And Envelope Addressing Guide (Set Of 4)

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Write neat & aligned words easily,  keeps all the letters identical in size with the Stencil Writing And Envelope Addressing Guide.It makes a faster-handwritten address on envelopes which eliminates do-over and wasted envelopes. Results in multiple precise & neat letters.It’s constructed from durable translucent plastic so you can see exactly where to place letters, shapes, & designs. Convenient & easy to use!


Sets of guide frames
It includes 4 same lines, 4 different size lines, 5 different size lines, 2 columns with 4 same lines, 4 sets of templates available to choose.
Different Stencil Styles
The four different stencil styles fit a variety of envelopes and writing surfaces. The handwriting and drawing options are endless. 
Accurate Spacing
The ruler along the bottom edge also allows for proper spacing and measuring things out. Space measurements are in centimeters.
Wide Variety of Application
It elevates all labels, tags, Christmas cards, invitation cards and just general notes to make it look more professional and uniform.
Easy to Use & Durable
Each stencil is 0.8mm thick made of good quality thick, bendable material. Styling your letter into templates has never been easier and efficient. Even kids can easily use these amazing stencils.


  • Item type: Envelope Addressing Guide Rulers
  • Color: Transparent
  • Material: PP
  • Size: 22×11.5cm, 14.5×11.5cm, 14.5×11.5cm, 14.5×11.5cm. 


  • Strencil™- Writing And Envelope Addressing Guide (Set Of 4)


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